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Attic Cleanout & Removal

Feces-filled attics, urine-soaked insulation and more can all become breeding grounds for disease and obnoxious odors that can fill your home. With specialized training and equipment, we can expertly remove the disgusting remnants animals leave behind and restore your safety and peace of mind.

We provide complete bat guano removal, attic cleanup, insulation removal and decontamination services. If you've had animals in your attic then you also have their droppings, urine deposits and any parasites that they might have been carrying. It is always a good idea to have the animal waste and all soiled materials removed from your attic.


The hardest part of any attic cleanout project is the removal of soiled insulation. Handling fiberglass insulation that is soaked in urine and covered in layers of animals waste is a miserable experience. We use specialized equipment to ensure that none of these contaminants trickle down into the living space of the house. 

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Once the animals have been removed, the area will be cleaned and then the exclusion work is  now complete.


We repair all entry points found in the inspection phase. Our repair services allow us to provide a complete solution. Our clients save time and money by using one contractor instead of having to hire a separate contractor to make repairs.

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Service Areas

Upper Michigan

Menominee, Stephenson, Dagette, Iron Mountain, Wallace and Cedar River


Coleman, Crivitz, Wausaukee, Lakewood, Townsend, Laona, Wabeno, Mountain, Suring, Gillet, Ashwaubenon, Green Bay, De Pere and surrounding areas.



Phone: (715) 927-1353

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